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  • Fr. Bryan

Sick of Politics? We Understand.

Many Americans are very unhappy about the ideological division in our country, which seems to be widening every day. Furthermore, many Americans are growing increasingly dissatisfied and looking for new perspectives on the issues our country faces.

As a priest, I believe strongly that the Social teaching of the Catholic Church is what many people are looking for. You might ask what the Catholic Church could possibly offer with regards to social teaching. Well, before you dismiss the Catholic Church’s perspective, please consider that the Catholic Church has existed for 2000 years and presently exists around the entire globe. The Church has witnessed nations rise and fall first hand. It has seen them flourish and it has seen them weaken.

The Church’s experience throughout the world and throughout history has given it a very rich perspective on social issues. On July 28th at 6pm at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Kelso, we will talk about three of the foundational principles of Catholic Social teaching, which are the dignity of the human person, solidarity, and subsidiarity. When these principles are valued by a society, that society tends to do very well.

In order to teach these principles we will use what God has revealed to us in scripture as well as the lived experience of the scriptures by looking at a great organization begun by a Catholic man that currently feeds over a million children around the world by applying these principles. Feeding children only scratches the surface of what his organization is able to do for the developing world.

This presentation is not about American politics. I hope this presentation is above current political discourse and offers an alternative to the limited dominant perspectives we are told we have to choose from. We are, however, going to explain the principles so that you can evaluate your own political positions freely in private prayer. My hope is that everyone will feel safe to examine their convictions and also be challenged in some way.

I believe that the Catholic Church can have a role in unifying the country and I believe that this will happen when Catholics know, understand and accept the principles contained in the Church’s wisdom. If you know anybody who is not Catholic who would like to attend to hear a new perspective on social issues, I’m sure they will get something good out of it no matter what their religious background is.

We hope to see you on July 28th at Immaculate Heart in Kelso at 6pm!

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