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An update from Fr. Scott Connolly

Fr. Scott Connolly, St. Rose and St. Catherine's beloved former pastor, was recently diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for him as he continues his treatment. You can follow his updates on his CaringBridge page: . Create a free account to see his updates. Below is the letter he recently sent out to his parishioners of his current parish.


South Seattle Family of Parishes

St. Edward, St. George, St. Paul & St. Peter

4212 South Mead Street, Seattle, WA 98118


February 23, 2024

Dear Parishioners:

As most of you know, I’ve had “issues” with my back these past several months. In September I broke a vertebra and subsequently have discovered I broke eight more (some may have happened long before). When I had my back surgery a couple weeks ago, they took biopsies of the vertebrae and found that I have Multiple Myeloma which is a rare form of cancer in the blood and bones. I have been doing various tests these last two weeks and should know more about my prognosis, but the Oncologist at Swedish Cancer Center has already come up with a treatment plan which I will begin this Monday, February 26th. In addition, I will have a second procedure on the four vertebrae which they have yet to fix this Wednesday, the 28th. I will need to take another couple weeks to recuperate from this second procedure, but hopefully the results will be even better than the first.

I know this is very difficult news to process, and I have been struggling with how to share the news with you and my family and friends. Please know that I am in a “good space” with regard to this distressing diagnosis. I have hopes that this cancer may go into remission and that I have a good prognosis for the future. I have a positive attitude in this difficult moment and will do my best to keep moving forward in that positive direction. Please keep me in your prayers in the next few months and know that I have been holding you in my prayers each day.

As I know more, I will continue to keep you informed to the best of my ability. To that end, we have established a page on the CaringBridge website which we encourage you to download. I will post updates on a regular basis and ask that you go there for more information if you’d like to stay informed. We will be sending out this letter by email on Monday so that people can have access to the link directly.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. K. Scott Connolly


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