Perhaps our Social Justice Commission

is the place for you


Are you looking for a way to live your faith more fully?

Would you like to consider a vibrant, interesting ministry at St Rose?

Would you enjoy a flexible ministry where you decide

how much time to spend on a variety of projects?


For more information about the Social Justice Commission, please contact the parsih office at 360-425-4660.


We are delighted to announce our new theme for this year:“WE ARE NEIGHBORS TO ALL”

Our programs this year will explore this theme in the areas of homelessness, immigration, poverty and hunger.


Catholic Relief Services

Faith, Action, Results


Catholic Relief Services is a humanitarian organization,

founded by our US Bishops, to put faith into action by

helping the world’s poor create lasting change.

At present they are provide services to crises in Iraq, Syria, and South Sudan.

Learn more at:





In light of increased detention of community

members by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),

The Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network

has established a hotline where people can report

detentions and get advice on what can be done.

This hotline can reduce the panic and fear that follows an ICE encounter.

Hotline number is 1-844-724-3737




An easy way to learn more about poverty here in Washington,

is to view two videos (one, 5 minutes, the other 17 minutes on

”The Face of Poverty in Washington State”  at:



Did you know that 2.5 million people in the U.S. work full time year round

and are still living in poverty?

To learn more about poverty in America, check out their website at:







Birthright is an organization that supports pregnant women before and after birth.

Last year 1200 women were helped with free counseling,

pregnancy tests, layettes and diapers.

Call Joyce Allen at 423-2900 between 9.00am-Noon on Wednesday for more information.





A part of your offering at St Rose goes to local organizations,

like Meals on Wheels that feed the hungry

Did you know that Meals on Wheels provided 26,000 meals last year

to seniors in Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties?               

Volunteer opportunities are available. Just call 360-425-3430,

or check the web site at:               






Did you know that Habitat for Humanity:

  • *has built 25 houses in Longview and Kelso with no foreclosures?

  • *has volunteer openings to build houses on Wed. and Sat?

  • *needs help with donations to Restore and customers to purchase home hardware

  • *needs helping hands to make lunch for workers?

  • *needs volunteers to do exterior maintenance work, like ramps and rails?


More information at Habitat, please call 360-425-6177





*Has 58 beds to shelter victims of domestic violence


  • *Sheltered 1061 people last year


  • *Offers free, confidential, phone advice and advocacy at 360-425-1176 to victims of

  • domestic violence, sexual abuse and assault


  • *Benefits from  donations and purchases at the Red Hat Thrift Store at 1245 Commerce in Longview


  • *Has a web site. Click the following link:  






Your Immigration Story

Where did your family originate?

When did they come to America?

What is your immigration story?


St. Rose Social Justice Commission

Questions? Call Allison for more information 360-636-4258




The US Bishop’s “Justice for Immigrants” campaign has an urgent action alert at:




Why not be a part of the solution?


Prayer for Migrants and Refugees


Teach us to recognize Jesus
In the migrant who labors to bring food to our tables.
In the refugee seeking protection from persecution, war and famine.
In the woman and child who are victims of human trafficking.
In the asylum seeker imprisoned without documents.
May all those who are far from their place of birth find
in the Church a home where no one is a stranger. Amen


Immigration Myths are Commonly Presented as Facts in Our Society

Myth: “Immigrants take American jobs”
Fact: Corporations relocating from America in pursuit of cheap,

vulnerable workers are the real job stealers.

Myth: “Immigrants are a drain on the economy”
Fact: Immigrants are more likely to pay taxes than they are to use a public service.

The majority of immigrants are of prime working age and are ineligible for many public services
and actually contribute more to the public sector than they use.


Faith Over Fear

Several members of the St. Rose Social Justice Commission recently

attended a presentation called “Faith over Fear” about standing with our Muslim neighbors.

We learned that:

50,000 American Muslim doctors across the US save American lives.

10,000 American Muslims serve in the US military.

American Muslim Women are the second most highly educated religious community in the US.

Muslims have been a part of America before we were an independent nation

About 30% of slaves from Africa were Muslim

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