As an employee, volunteer or parent, we are the primary protector of our children. Their safety is up to us. As a Church, we are committed to helping you fulfill this tremendous responsibility.  St. Rose invites you to attend Protecting God’s Children, which teaches employees, volunteers, and parents how to help prevent child sexual abuse. You will learn very specific actions you can take to protect our children, the children of our parish and the children in the community.  We value your presence, and we know that you will conclude that your time was well spent.  Join us in the fight to end child abuse.


The next training session at St. Rose, TBA


You will NEED to register online by visiting Click on the link below and select First-time Registrant to create a VIRTUS account. Our organization is Seattle, WA (Archdiocese).






If you need assistance with your registration or have any questions, contact the St. Rose parish office, 360-425-4660.