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Staffing Update: Full Charge Bookkeeper Needed

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The staffing situation in our local parishes has continued to… evolve. That’s a good word for it. Some great news is that we have hired a new staff member to help us with outreach and ministry efforts. Many of you will remember Erika Bueno who served as the receptionist at St. Rose for several years before taking some time off to be a mom. Well, she is back!

In addition to helping with youth ministry and Spanish ministry, Erika is also busy helping to coordinate our parish volunteers. If you have an interest in serving our parish in some way, she is your point of contact ( In addition to this, Erika is also going to be working on some service projects for us to participate in.

We are also in the process of hiring a Full Charge bookkeeper and payroll administrator. This is a full time (32 hours per week) position with benefits.

The duties for this position will include Managing the financial resource systems of the parish, preparing the annual budgets, maintaining accounts payable and receivable ledgers through QuickBooks online and preparing and submitting monthly financial statements to pastor and finance council for review in a timely manner, preparing payroll, reconciling bank statements, and other things.

If you would like a complete job description or if you would like information on how to apply or if you have any questions about the job, please contact us at We would love to tell you more and we would love for you to join our fabulous team!


Fr. Bryan

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