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November 16th: New Covid Restrictions

On Sunday, November 15th, Governor Inslee put out a new set of restrictions and measures in the fight against COVID-19. We have answered a few frequently asked questions to help you understand exactly how these new restrictions will affect our parishes.

How will Mass change in light of the new restrictions? It won’t change. We were already operating within the boundaries set by the government so we do not have to change anything right now. The same amount of people will be able to attend with the same protocols and safety measures in place.

Will the Church be open for Private Prayer? Yes. Our parishes will be open according to the same schedule prior to these latest restrictions. St. Rose will be open Monday through Friday from 3pm to 5pm for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Immaculate Heart of Mary in Kelso will continue to be open from 12pm to 2pm on Tuesday and Friday. St. Mary's in Castle Rock will be open from 9am to 11am on Thursdays.

Can I still receive the sacrament of reconciliation? Yes. Because confession is in and of itself a religious service we can continue it. We will still offer the Sacrament of reconciliation on Saturday afternoon from 3-4 in the St. Rose Parish Center and both Fr. Sebastin and Fr. Bryan are available for appointment whenever you’d like. To set up the sacrament of reconciliation, please call the office at 360-425-4660.

Will the parish staff be on site? The governor has asked that employees in “professional services” work from home whenever possible. For this reason, our plan is that most of our parish staff members will be working from home for several weeks. Some staff members will be on site occasionally to do essential work that they cannot do from home.

Will the office be open? The governor’s restrictions are very clear that offices for “professional services” be closed to the public. This means that we will not have our doors open for people to drop by. Our staff will still be receiving phone calls from home, so if you need anything please call. The number is 360-425-4660.

Will ministries such as First Communion, RCIA, Baptism Preparation be occurring on site? No, not at this moment. Everything will be transferred to ZOOM or postponed until we are able to reopen safely.

Can I meet with a priest? At this point Fr. Bryan and Fr. Sebastin will primarily be meeting with parishioners via telephone or ZOOM. If you would like to set up an appointment with either of them, please call the office at 360-425-4660.

We will continue to add to this post should anything change or need to be added.

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