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Elementary Religious Education


This year we are using an at home scripture and activity based program.
Families are provided with a Parent teaching guide and each child will receive an activity book.
There will be a once a month Parent meeting to assist you with the program.

You as parents are your children’s first teacher and the most important teacher they will ever have.
You have been instructing them since the day they were born!
You are even teaching them when you are not trying.
It is a natural part of being a parent.
We commend you as you strive to build a foundation of faith in your child.
It is our hope that A Family of Faith will give you all the knowledge and
tools you will need to bring your children up in the
Catholic Faith, and specifically the fourth pillar of the Catechism.


This year’s unit, Christian Prayer, will focus on how to develop a
personal relationship with God through prayer.
One important piece will be the Prayer Board activity which will help us
remember how prayer is a response to God’s loving call,
and is how we grow in our relationship with Him.
As your family grows in faith, your children will be learning not just from the fun activities they do,
but even more from your example and witness.
This is something they cannot get in any classroom,
no matter how good that classroom is.


It is not too late to sign Up!
If you have a child from Kindergarten through 5th grade that you would like to register,
please contact Jodi at or call the St. Rose office at 360-425-4660.

Middle School Youth Group, High School Youth Group
and Youth Confirmation


Plans for Middle School Youth Group, High School Youth Group and
Youth Confirmation are still being worked out. 

We will keep you informed of our progress.


First Reconciliation and First Communion


Preparation has begun for First Reconciliation.
If your child participated in Religious Education or Youth Group last  year,
and  was planning on attending our First Reconciliation/ First Communion preparation this year,
it is not too late to sign up.


Please contact the St. Rose parish office as soon as possible at 360-425-4660.


Ya empezo la preparacion para los primeros sacramentos.

Si su hijo/a participo en el catecismo o el grupo de jovenes,
y esta planiando attender este año para hacer la primera reconciliación y primera comunion,
no es muy tarde para apuntarse.


Por favor llame a la oficina parroquial al 360-425-4660 lo mas pronto posible para inscribirlos.