• Fr. Bryan

Pastoral Assistant for Evangelization and Outreach

Our parish life is changing! Over the last few months we have started several new initiatives, including Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for our children. We have also brought in a new choir director (who will be starting later this month) and a new musician named Daniel to help at our 11am Mass (at least for the time being... and if you've heard him you know he's great!).

One thing about this change is that people aren't applying for the traditional Church jobs. This means we are getting creative and doing some new things our parish has never done before, hence we are looking at a Pastoral Assistant for Evangelization and Outreach.

The PA for Evangelization and Outreach will look to help our parishioners put their faith in action in the community and, really, around the world. There are local organizations that could use our help, but we need a person to identify some of these opportunities and organize our parishioners to serve. We also have plenty of work to do around the parish, and could definitely use a person to help coordinate these efforts.

Despite a lot of material needs in our community, there are also some spiritual needs and there are many beliefs and practices in our Catholic faith that can help. But a lot of parishioners struggle to articulate these when needed. So we also need to do some evangelization. We are zeroing in on a group called Evangelical Catholic to help us with this, and again, we will need a person to help serve as a "Point Person" for these efforts.

We also have a need for some assistance in youth ministry, particularly with the Sacrament of Confirmation. Our pastor, Fr. Bryan, has been serving in this role but it is a lot to take on, and we think that we could make some improvements here.

Prior to the pandemic, we had begun sending groups of parishioners (mostly young parishioners) to help serve with Esperanza International. This was a great experience for those who participated and we want to start this up again for the summer of 2023, but we need somebody to help us out.

Initially, this was presented as a part time job, but we are changing this to a full time position (30-40 hours per week) with benefits. Please consider applying, or pass this along to somebody you think might be interested! To apply or to ask for more information, please email us at

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