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Our next hosting weeks will be January 24 - 31.

Due to COVID 19 our January host weeks will be following the static model
where the families stay at the Day Center instead of rotating to the various churches.
Under this model, we as the host and support churches provide the food and help with meals.





Some of the volunteer positions require VIRTUS training.  




If you need assistance with your registration, please contact the St. Rose parish office at 360-425-4660.


If you have any questions, email Toni Miner at  

To learn how you can be a part of this effort, please contact the parish office at 360-425-4660,
visit the Family Promise Website or Facebook page below. 





Homelessness in our area is caused by loss of income, illness,
lack of affordable housing,
domestic violence and other reasons. 

Family Promise is an affiliation of churches, social services, and community members,
helping situationally homeless children and their families back into a stable life again.

By serving the situational homeless, the many faith communities in our area can join in

answering the call to "give shelter to the homeless"

in a very real and life changing way. 


“We are called to live not as one without others, above or against others, but with and for others”.
--Pope Francis



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