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We prayed, fasted and gave alms—and now we celebrate Easter joy! Our Lenten journey with CRS Rice Bowl

ends as we encounter our risen Lord. We reflect on our brothers and sisters whom we have walked with in

Iraq, Nicaragua, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Malawi, and all over the world (including here in western Washington!).
And we commit to bring Easter joy to each person we meet in our daily lives.

Don’t forget to turn in your CRS Rice Bowl at Mass or in the parish office. 




“May the Lord grant us the wisdom to seek that which is worthwhile and to love, not with our words, but with our actions.” ‐ Pope Francis


Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services just celebrated 75 years of putting Catholic values in action in 112 countries, serving 121 million people with emergency response, health and social services and agricultural programs. St Rose is delighted to be part of this work
through the Operation Rice Bowl program.
‐St Rose Social Justice Commission


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