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Catholic Community Services


The Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services theme for the
2020 Appeal for the Poor Campaign is Hope and Light.


CCS/CHS are our local Catholic Charities at work serving over 105,000
Western Washingtonians across 170 programs in 2019.  
With over 3,700 staff and 8,500 volunteers,
CCS/CHS continue to accompany and work alongside the
men, women, and children who seek their essential services.


Consummate professionals and tireless advocates,
CCS/CHS continue to provide compassionate charity and advocate
for justice throughout the rise and fall of  COVID-19 cases.


Please prayerfully consider how you might join the thousands of volunteers
and staff this year. Is it through prayer, advocacy, volunteerism, or a generous donation?


For those who have never given, an anonymous donor has given $10,000
 to incentivize new parish donors.
The first 100 new households who give at least
$100 will have $100 of their gift matched – doubling your impact of
Hope and Light to our neighbors in need!




Visit Reminder: 25% of all gifts from our parishioners will be returned
to help facilitate our own charitable programming.

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