The Catholic Church and Science: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we demolished the popular narrative that the Catholic Church has held scientific progress back. Using the history of science, we showed that the Catholic Church has contributed to science, perhaps more than any other institution in the world today. In this post we will look at the same question a bit more theoretically and show how theology and science are not incompatible. This particular question is also very necessary because there are many Christians who do not understand how science and revelation (scripture) relate to each other. Many Christians in Cowlitz County are under the impression that they need to accept a belief that the earth is relatively young an

The Catholic Church and Science: Part 1

One of the most common reasons people dismiss religion today is because it is understood to be opposed to science. Along with this is the perception that religion is holding science and, therefore, human progress back. These perceptions are remarkably effective, however, they are also remarkably easy to disprove, at least for Christians of the Catholic tradition. Catholics should be proud of the ways in which the Catholic Church has contributed to scientific progress. The proof that the Catholic Church has contributed to science is easily demonstrable through a simple understanding of the history of science. Catholics have been responsible for some of the greatest leaps in the understand

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